Vinyl May Outsell CDs For The First Time Since 1986

Older storage mediums like the floppy disk are extinct, so you would assume that would be the case for music formats like vinyl as well. As it turns out that isn’t the case because according to the RIAA’s mid-2019 report, it looks like for the first time since 1986, vinyl records could potentially outsell CDs. Who would have thought?

The report claims that vinyl has managed to generate $224.1 million in revenue in the first half of 2019, where CDs have generated $247.9 million. Sure, CD sales are still ahead, but given that CD sales haven’t really moved that much, this trend has led some to believe that vinyl could potentially overtake them.

This is not the first time we’re hearing about the surge in popularity in the vinyl format either. Previously, it was reported that vinyl sales are actually topping digital music sales in certain markets. And this has actually prompted companies like Sony to start up manufacturing vinyl records again and to also launch new turntable models to support the format. What’s old is new again.

Some argue that the sound quality from vinyl sounds more authentic compared to CDs and digital music. It looks like more people are getting into it now.

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