Volkswagen introduces a sleek charger for charging your ID. 3 at home (Video)

Volkswagen is turning a new leaf in its history. It will not attempt becoming more of a lifestyle brand, focused on eco-friendly transportation. Volkswagen has just introduced its brand new ID.3, updated e-Golf, new e-Up! and more electric cars are coming. Now Volkswagen Group company Elli introduced a new charger, which will enable people charging their electric cars faster at home.

ID. Charger pushes 11 kW of power, charging 58 kWh battery in less than 6 hours. Image credit: Volkswagen

We know what you’re thinking – you can already charge your car at home. And you are correct – that is a major advantage of electric cars – you can fill them up at home. However, it does take a lot of time. For example, the mid-range version of ID.3 has a 58 kWh battery. Charging it at home may take over 24 hours – nearly 30, for the matter of fact. Of course, charging electric cars in dedicated stations is more rapid, but how many of them there are around your home? And are they always free? Volkswagen estimates that about half of all charging operations for electric vehicles will take place at home.
And that’s where ID. Charger comes along.

It is a 11 kW wallbox, allowing charging ID.3 with 58 kWh battery in just under 6 hours. In other words, your car would be ready for you in the morning, if you plugged it in before going to sleep. And that’s great. Volkswagen may also help you with installation, you will just have to choose, which version you prefer.

ID. Charger is very sleek and modern – its design matches the new Volkswagen ID.3. Image credit: Volkswagen.

The simple ID. Charger is just that – a wallbox with a plug. It is easy to instal and looks good, but doesn’t have any additional features. This basic ID. Charger costs from €399.

ID. Charger Connect is a bit more expensive at €599, but, as name suggests, is able to connect to with the home network and the smartphone via WLAN or LAN (LTE technology is an optional extra). This allows accessing some of the functions of the charger via a smartphone app. ID. Charger Connect will also be getting software updates thanks to its connectivity.

Finally, at the top of the range you will find ID. Charger Pro, costing €849. For this substantial sum of money you’re getting all of the functionality mentioned above, plus LTE chip as standard, and an integrated electric meter for precise billing per kilowatt hour. This feature will be very helpful for company car drivers, who get compensated for their trips to work – they will be able to show precisely how much electricity they are using. Also, LTE network bills are included into the price, so it is not that bad.

ID. Charger runs on 400 volts, can be adapted to 1 or 3 phase systems. It is sleek and modern-looking. Of course, it seems expensive, but you really only need the cheapest basic ID. Charger version – thos smart functions are just extra.

Source: Volkswagen


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