WarpDrive high-speed portable USB-C SSD

WarpDrive high-speed portable SSD

A new portable SSD weighing just 29g has been created by WarpDrives, offering a compact solid-state drive with NVMe high speed data transfer technology for just $119 or roughly £98. Offering 1TB or 2TB of storage and USB-C connectivity together with support for USB-A the WarpDrive provides high-speed data transfers reaching speeds up to 850MB/s.

WarpDrive SSD

Transferring a 4K video 40 GB in size takes approximately 15 minutes on a USB 2.0 memory stick, using the WarpDrive this is cut down to just 47 seconds faster than SD cards and external HDD drives with USB 3.0 connections. The WarpDrive has an IP67 rating, meaning it can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

The USB-C connection on the WarpDrive allows it to be connected to Windows, Mac and Linux computers with these and comes with a USB Type-C to USB A cable. Pricing for the WarpDrive via early bird and specials :

Early Bird
– US$ 119 / HK$932 – 1 x WarpDrive 1TB (50% off)
– US$ 189 / HK$1480 – 1 x WarpDrive 2TB (50% off)

Kickstarter Special
– US$ 129 / HK$1010 – 1 x WarpDrive 1TB (46% off)
– US$ 199 / HK$1558 – 1 x WarpDrive 2TB (47% off)

Expected Retail Price
– US$ 238 / HK$1864 – 1 x WarpDrive 1TB
– US$ 378 / HK$2960 – 1 x WarpDrive 2TB


“When designing the WarpDrive, we wanted it to be as small and compact as possible. We experimented with different form factors and realized the current design is the most minimal. Speed is another important factor. We wanted it to have one of the fastest data transfer speeds, but overheating would be an issue. To overcome this, we included a layer of graphene and encased everything in an aluminum case for optimal cooling effect. Aluminum is a great heat conductor to keep the flash controller cool at all times. The metallic surface compliments Macbooks and iPads perfectly. To make the WarpDrive scratch-resistant, we designed a silicone bumper that protects your gadgets and the drive itself.”

WarpDrive high-speed portable SSD

Source: Kickstarter

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