WowStick SD rechargeable screwdriver multitool

WowStick SD screwdriver multitool

A new multitool has been launched via Kickstarter offering a rechargeable battery powered screwdriver complete with a compact storage design for the screwdriver bits. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about this unique rechargeable screwdriver which comes complete with 36 different screwdriver bits and offers more torque than others currently available.

Screwdriver multitool

The cap accommodates up to 12 replacement screwdriver bits, so you can store your selected bits inside it. In this way, the entire screwdriver and replacement heads can be perfectly combined. “The compact electric screwdriver is easy to operate and extremely practical – ideal for home use. The screwdriver has a comfortable, ergonomic handle; the rechargeable lithium battery design increases convenience; with its own LED lighting, you can use the screwdriver anywhere. This tool is perfect for those who enjoy DIY, or do a lot of disassembly.”

Earlybird pledges are available from $45 or roughly £37 and the screwdriver has an all-metal gearbox that’s both compact and powerful, offering users torsion is up to 0.9N.M for electric and 3N.M for manual use. The handle is only 31mm in diameter making it suitable for a wide variety of different applications where space is a critical factor.

“Ordinary gun-type screwdrivers tend to require a manual direction change, but this unique screwdriver has only a single button on its entire body. You can start it with one click and control the direction of rotation without switching buttons. And it’s battery-powered, so that screws can be easily turned with just a light touch – no major effort required!”

Source: Kickstarter

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