YASHICA absolute film camera

YASHICA absolute film camera

Smartphones and digital photography has revolutionized the way we record and capture our daily lives, but if you would like to experience film photography you may be interested in a new range of film cameras created by YASHICA. “YASHICA, Japanese Camera Brand since 1949. For the 70th anniversary of YASHICA, our team has embarked upon another comeback of the timeless classic, film cameras with our novel project, YASHICA Absolute.”

“Photography is more than just a hobby, an activity but a capture of a moment, a tool for storytelling. Today, the art of film photography is being forgotten as technology progresses and digital cameras popularised. The convenience of modern photography is in a sense promoting an indulgence of instant gratification.

MF-1 is our reminder to people of the fun and the lessons taught to us by film photography. It is an art of precision, patience, and mystery that requires meticulousness, experimentation, and bravery. MF-1 is a simple Snapshot Art Camera, suitable for novice photographers transitioning from the world of digital to that of film photography. For a great film photo, it requires a quality film and camera (a decent photographer as well).

Films and cameras are the yin and yang of film photography. Therefore, we are also bringing forward, “YASHICA 400” and “YASHICA Black White”, the new YASHICA 35mm camera negative film as a complement to the MF-1. You will not want to miss the limited edition of “YASHICA Golden 80s” in part of this debut and exclusively made for the 70th anniversary.”

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