ZiiLock biometric bicycle lock

Biometric bicycle lock

ZiiLock is a new biometric bicycle lock that is launched via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website offering a fingerprint and smartphone keyless entry system to protect your bicycle. Features of the biometric bicycle lock include three secure unlocking methods including fingerprint, Bluetooth and traditional key. While other features include a 98cm unbreakable and temper-hardened construction, lock sharing features allowing you to grant access to your ZiiLock, AES 256 Military-level Security, always on theft alert and peace of mind IP67 waterproofing.  

ZiiLock comes complete with its own smartphone companion application and can store up to 20 fingerprints. Early bird pledges are available from £82 or $99 offering a 44% saving off the recommended retail price which will take effect after the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. Free worldwide shipping is included and the bicycle lock comes complete with a mounting bracket system for easy carrying when not in use. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the ZiiLock.

“ZiiLock is equipped with a 508 DPI high-res capacitive sensing touch panel, which allows a safer and faster keyless unlocking operation. The low-power consumption components mean it’s always ready for your next ride. ZiiLock is more than a silent defender but an active bike guard connecting you to your bike. ZiiLock offers active protection with fingerprint smartphone keyless entry, always-on theft alert, easy storage, and reliable smart features – all secured in a fold. ”

Security features of the bicycle lock include :

– AES 256 Military-level Encryption – The military standard AES 256 encryption Bluetooth system effectively protects your privacy. It is considered to be an extremely rugged and reliable solution.
– Temper-hardened Steel Reinforcements – ZiiLock uses heat-treated steel materials, giving it a solid structure that is not easily deformed or penetrated.
– Resilient Bars Seamless Rivets – Each section is made of 6.5mm bars which are seamlessly linked by 7mm diameter high-strength rivets, allowing ZiiLock to withstand relentless pounding, pressure, and force.
– Anti-Shear of 12-Ton Hydraulic Cutter – Tested to withstand up to a 12-Ton hydraulic cutter attack. ZiiLock supports you with excellent resistance that even a professional thief cannot surpass easily.
– Anti-drilling Picking Resistant – ZiiLock uses an advanced stamping method to create an alloy steel casing. High twist drilling and picking resistance prevent any brute force attack on the lock.
– Durable IP67 Waterproofing – All the components are arranged in a compact, waterproof structure which allows ZiiLock to withstand being immersed in water for over 30 minutes. Heavy rain, sludge, and dust are also not a threat.

Source: Indiegogo

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